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FOS consulting services

Scientific Writing 

FOS Consulting's Scientific Writing service ensures that your documentation, grant applications, presentations, outreach material, and publications stand out from the competition. We provide personalized attention and work closely with you to create a tailored approach that meets your specific needs. Our dedication is to deliver high-quality, accurate scientific writing that will help you achieve your goals.

FOS Consulting Services by Christina Kamma provides top-tier scientific consulting services to organizations of all sizes.

Do you often feel that you will miss the innovation train? Do you find yourself short in time and resources and unable stay up to date?

FOS consulting offers comprehensive scientific analysis, data-driven insights, and a wealth of technical expertise to help clients achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition. 

I am Christina Kamma-Lorger and I have been a biomedical scientist for the last ~20 years. I worked in synchrotrons and I have designed and constructed the BioSAXS beamline at the Australian Synchrotron in 3 years and in budget - an absolute record in terms of time and the outcome of cross-functional team work and agile project management. 


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Your Partner in Scientific Innovation

Rapid Clinical Trials

At FOS Consulting, we’re here to support you in every aspect of your business. Did you know that if you decide to work with us and our partners in Asutralia you could perform your Phase 1 clinical trials in record time? 

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Objective driven

Strategic Partnerships

Research project execution and analytical methods

We can coach your team or project manage your objectives to ensure you produce the results you are required by your organisation on time and in budget

Research project execution & analytical methods
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